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Fun-Fantastic Spring and Summer Colors

It's Spring! The most renewing and nourishing time of the year. Flowers are beginning to bloom in beautiful shapes and colors, the trees are budding and all the birds are singing.
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Country-Style Home Decoration Basics

There’s more than one way you can decorate your home, but if you want it to be warm and cozy and a little bit rustic - country primitive style is one of the best choices you can make. It revokes simpler times, when meals were cooked at home, when families would gather around the table to share a meal, and where periods of leisure and rest were fewer and more appreciated. So here are just a few ideas for some of the basics of the country primitive style.
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Nature and Simpler Times in Home Decoration

There often comes a time when we all stop chasing the newest and coolest thing around and start to reflect back on simpler times, childhood memories, past generations or even old time photos. Looking for new yet old things to bring back those warm memories and at the same time, create new. This, however, doesn't work well in all areas - as we all know, it’s easier and more convenient to have a car than to use a horse-drawn carriage. But in other areas, like decorating your home, it can work extremely well. So, if you’re tired of streamlined surfaces, lot's of cold glass and shiny metal, and just minimalism in general, adding a few decorative items can help you start your house’s transition into a warm, cozy place.
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Scented Items For Your Home

There are many reasons why you should fill your home with pleasant scents. They might bring back nice memories, they might help you concentrate, they can help hide other, not so pleasant scents, they can help you set the right mood whenever the mood needs to be set, be it a romantic dinner or a family gathering. Or they can simply make whatever you do in your home more enjoyable. And when you want to add a little bit of fragrance to your living space, here are a few ways you can go about doing it.
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The Pleasures of Potpourri

Potpourri is an assortment of spices and dried flower petals used to create atmospheric ambiance. It has lots of uses, the main one of course is to give your home an enticing scent! Optimize the benefits of potpourri to enthrall visitors and amazed household members. Below are guides on how to use potpourri
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Housewarming Gifts from The Pip Berry Barn

When somebody you care about has purchased their first home or are renting their very first apartment, you want to give them something they will forever treasure, and something that will add "that something special" to their new home decor.

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How To Decorate Your Thanksgiving Tablescape

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The season of family, friends, and festivities revolving around your dinner table. Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday, which entails a variety of delicious dishes shared lovingly between family and friends. Decorating for your Thanksgiving dinner is fun and also provides a great opportunity to work on perfecting your tablescape.
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A Touch of Warmth

Sometimes, when you move into a new home, whether you've recently purchased a house or are renting a house or an apartment, it just doesn't feel like home. Your furniture is there, your family photos are hanging, you've set up the kitchen the way you've always wanted, but there is something missing.

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Fall into the Fall with Autumn Decorations

Decorate Your Home For Autumn. To get you off to a great beginning, we have put together some recommendations beginning with your front entryway. Make your front entry hospitable with a nice wreath. At the Pip Berry Barn we have a number of wreaths, garlands, swags and potpourri to get you started. Browse our line of items, and your creative home decoration ideas will surely provide you with inspiration and motivation for the wonderful season of Autumn.
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How to Harvest a Happy Fall

Ah, it’s that time of year again! Autumn is extra-special here at Pip Berry Barn because it ushers in the season of wreaths, garlands, swags and so much more.
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