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Rusty Tin Dragonfly Garland

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Rusty Tin Garlands - Rusty Tin Dragonfly Garland

Just take a look at how cute these little dragonflies are and they're ideal for both indoor and outdoor use! Wrap around outdoor planters in your garden, drape on outdoor fences, birdhouse, railings and patio decor or add a simplistic look of nature to the inside of your home by draping over cabinets, mantles, curtains and more. Perfect for embellishing wreaths, garlands, flower arrangements and more! An adorable little addition that goes a long way!

Each garland has ten 2.25" rusty tin dragonflies crafted on heavily gauged steel to give it it's aged patina look! An enchanting and ornamental tin garland that will add a touch of country charm to any venue.

Approx. 70" with 10 dragonflies that measure approx. 2 1/2"

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