There often comes a time when we all stop chasing the newest and coolest thing around and start to reflect back on simpler times, childhood memories, past generations or even old time photos. Looking for new yet old things to bring back those warm memories and at the same time, create new. This, however, doesn't work well in all areas - as we all know, it's easier and more convenient to have a car than to use a horse-drawn carriage. But in other areas, like decorating your home, it can work extremely well. So, if you’re tired of streamlined surfaces, lot's of cold glass and shiny metal, and just minimalism in general, adding a few decorative items can help you start your house’s transition into a warm, cozy place.

One of the best things about old-time home decoration, or primitive decoration as it’s sometimes called, is that a lot of the materials used come from nature with little or no processing. A good example are berry wreaths. You see them adorning front doors, and you have to agree they look lovely. But you don’t have to hang them on your front door only - you can hang them on the inside of your doors or above the doorway, kitchen cabinet doors, above mantles, on any wall or in a window...These are all great places to hang berry wreaths. Berry garlands are great too, adding color and decor to any room. Berry picks and swags make beautiful add on additions - at you have plenty of choices when it comes to adding berry decorations to your home!

Decorative wooden plates and bowls are also decorative items made from natural materials. They come painted with beautiful pictures, in various designs, and they can make any cold and empty flat surface look warmer. They can be hung on walls, but you can also get some stands for them, which can work pretty well if the stands are made from materials that look like cast iron. Very rustic, and not that expensive.

We can’t imagine our lives without electricity, but wouldn't it be nice to spend some time under candlelight now and then? Most people already have decorative candles in their homes, but things like berry candle rings can really give some lovely patina to them. If you want to use tea lights instead of candles, you still don’t have to give up on your new-found love of primitive home decor. You can find tea lights that look pretty primitive, and combine them with potpourri or the aforementioned berry candle rings. 

It doesn't take much to infuse your home with a little warmness from a time long gone. All you need is a little imagination, internet access, and the will to make a change in your living space. If you have those three, you’re bound to find a way to decorate your home in a primitive style no matter the budget you have, or the time you plan to spend doing it.

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