It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The season of family, friends, and festivities revolving around your dinner table. Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday, which entails a variety of delicious dishes shared lovingly between family and friends. Decorating for your Thanksgiving dinner is fun and also provides a great opportunity to work on perfecting your tablescape.

So what are some key pieces you should include to delight your guests as they sit down at your holiday table? Here are some holiday decorations:

A Themed Tablecloth

A tablecloth for a large dinner is always a must. It helps protect your table from any unforeseen damage, and sets the theme for the rest of your table decorations. A nice, homey, table cloth with warm, earthen colors is great for the Fall season.

Special Plates

We all have a nice set of plates we use sparingly throughout the year, the set is reserved for special occasions when you have company. At Thanksgiving a primitive plate theme fits the Holiday’s early American history.

Candles And Candle Rings

Candles are beautiful decorations for your dining room table during the holidays. They create a soft, subtle glow that creates a great energy at your table. They shed a glow on your other decorations. So stock up on some classic tapers and standing candles. Tapers would look great in a vintage candle holder and standing candles need a candle ring to improve their presentation. For this time of year a berry candle ring will last you from Thanksgiving to New Years.

Personal Touches

Handwritten seating cards are a fun way to dress up your table. They also make great little take-homes for your guests. Make your meal an event this year!

Invest in some great holiday themed table decorations you can re-use every year and simply add small touches and updates. Enjoy decorating for the most wonderful time of the year with these helpful tips!

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