When somebody you care about has purchased their first home or are renting their very first apartment, you want to give them something they will forever treasure, and something that will add "that something special" to their new home decor.

There are many, many things that can be given as a housewarming gift that are great ideas: wine, cutting boards, games, meals, gift certificates, and so many other things that are useful, thoughtful and…common. There are many people who have the time and the creativity to make wonderfully unique hand-crafted gifts, and then there are the people who just can’t draw a straight line, but you still don’t want to be that one guest who brings a bottle opener to the housewarming party.

For those people who want to be unique in their gift giving but lack the time or creativity to handcraft an amazing gift, The Pip Berry Barn has the solution for your housewarming gift needs. The wonderfully rustic and country items are perfect for any decor.  Lovely accents for any space: living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and entryway. You can give a gift that will be placed in a position of honor for years to come!

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