There’s more than one way you can decorate your home, but if you want it to be warm and cozy and a little bit rustic - country primitive style is one of the best choices you can make. It revokes simpler times, when meals were cooked at home, when families would gather around the table to share a meal, and where periods of leisure and rest were fewer and more appreciated. So here are just a few ideas for some of the basics of the country primitive style.

One of the most important things that define country primitive style are the materials used for home decoration items. You won’t find many country primitive items made from glass and steel, but you’ll find a lot of them made from wood, tin and berries. And when we say wood, we mean wood in its natural colors. This should be your guideline when buying, for example, kitchen furnishings, and when looking for purely decorative items, like picture frames.

Speaking of nature and natural, every little piece of nature you can use for decoration helps. Berry wreaths, for example, are a great way to add some natural decoration to a home. Pressing plant leaves, framing them and hanging them as pictures is another great idea. Even the design of decorative item should come off as natural - curved flowing lines resembling vines can make even cast iron look like it’s come alive.

No matter how much time and money you want to invest into making your home look more country primitive, there always is a thing or two you can do to give it a little warmth homes used to have in older times. By careful choice of design, materials, and items, any home can look more country primitive without much effort or much cost.

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