Sometimes, when you move into a new home, whether you've recently purchased a house or are renting your home or apartment, it just doesn't feel like home. Your furniture is there, your family photos are hanging, you've set up the kitchen the way you've always wanted, but there is something missing.

Maybe the space is larger, and the family photos that covered your walls in your previous home don’t come close to covering the wall space in your new one. Maybe the color scheme or lighting is different and your accents don’t quite work with it. Maybe you just need a little something new to add a touch of warmth or to add a personal vibe to your home.

Moving is a big expense, and that can leave little leftover for decorating, but that missing something is driving you crazy. While money may be short, your vision isn't. You know exactly what you want, and you know exactly where you can get it: The Pip Berry Barn. Our online store offers an abundant selection of warm and homey items available to you with a simple touch of your fingertips. 

Perhaps the Flower Cart Heirloom Mixed Berry Wreath is perfect for your entryway, or maybe the Raggedy Friends Wooden Wall Clock is just the touch your country kitchen needs, maybe the Hearts-Stars Inspirational Wooden Plates is that special addition your mantle is calling for; whatever item is right for you, you can rest assured that The Pip Berry Barn will have just what you are looking for at prices that won’t stretch your budget. 

Our lovely home accents available will give your home the touch of warmth you are looking for.

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